Maxi Plus Slide and Glide Sheet 195 x 140cm

The Maxi Plus Slide and Glide helps to reposition, move and transfer individuals from seated or laying positions.


Product Details


Slide and Glide sheets help to reposition, move and transfer individuals from seated or laying positions on any surface.

The Maxi Plus slide sheet is designed in a tubular shape, allowing a smooth, multi-directional glide. Lightweight and durable, the ultra-low friction material is easy to insert, move and remove and makes sliding transfers easy to perform with minimal friction to skin.


Key features:

  • Robust design supports individuals of all weights
  • Can be used any surface
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to store
  • Ultra-low friction material
  • Multi-directional glide
  • Available in 8 sizes


  • 195 x 140cm
  • Washable up to 74 degrees
  • Suitable for low temperature tumble dry
  • 100% Nylon


Slide sheets, when used correctly, are incredibility handy and easy to operate. Follow our simple guidelines* to ensure safe moving and handling.

How to use:

  • Remove packaging and unfold sheet
  • Assist the individual onto their side
  • Push the slide sheet under said individual
  • Gently roll the individual onto their other side and adjust the slide sheet so it is positioned flat and comfortably under them
  • Assist the individual back to their original seated or laying position
  • Hold the top of the tubular slide sheet on either side and glide up or down, left or right


*We recommend seeking manual handling training to ensure correct use of our slide sheets.


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