Invacare Kite Hybrid Powerchair

Kite powerchair is a modular design configurable to user needs.

This item is priced on application and currently not available to order online. Please contact us with your requirements.

Product Details


The invacare kite hybrid powerchair which combines performance, driving comfort, compactness and personalisation. It can be designed for active users, this remarkable chair has a compact design making it ideal for outdoor activities and comes with a wide range of colour options for personal choice. It has a dual swing technology which provides a unique suspension system to guarantee a superior driving experience with improved comfort and traction.

  • 2 x USB Charger ports
  • 300mm seat lifter provides access to higher objects
  • Modulite seat system consisting of a telescopice seat frame and side rail, allowing individual placement of armrests and accessories
  • Invacare Matrx backs a selection can be combined with the modulite seat system for optimal postural support and positioning.
  • Max seat unit available for larger users upto 550mm wide seat frame
  • Dual swing technology DST operates both horizontally and vertically and allows for independent or combined movements.
  • Compactness an exceptionally narrow wheelbase of 595mm but can house large batteries of upto 73 Ah
  • Pendulum axis is the DST techology working inline with the shock absorbers providing superior balance and confidence.
  • Serviceability it is an easy, tool-free access to electronics and batteries for fast and straightforward maintenance
  • LED lighting system
  • 10inch castors which are robust and make negotiating obstacles easy for a smooth comfortable driving experience.

Product Dimensions

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