AMD Anov Light Incontinence Pads Lady Extra Absorbency

The Anov incontinence range offers full comfort and protection. Produced specifically for women, the Anov Light Incontinence Lady Extra Pads offer:
  • Protection from slight leakage
  • For active and mobile people
  • Ultra Fine and Absorbent
  • Adhesive strip on the back sheet
  • Individually wrapped


Product Details


Exclusively stocked by Change Mobility, the Anov Incontinence range offers comfort, discretion and fresh feel.

The Light Incontinence Pad is suitable for light leakages, for both Male and Female.

  • Protection for slight leakage
  • Unisex
  • Suitable for active and mobile people
  • Ultra-fine and absorbent
  • Adhesive strip on the back sheet
  • Individually wrapped
  • Absorption for Females: Extra, Super and Maxi
  • Absorption for Males: Super

Female Extra sold in Packs of 24 with 12 items per pack

Female Super sold in Packs of 30 with 10 items per pack

Female Maxi sold in Packs of 12 with 16 items per pack

Male Super sold in Packs of 6 with 20 items per pack


Product Dimensions

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