AMD Anov Slip All-in-One Large – Pack of 20

The AMD Anov Slip All-in-One Small is perfect for those with heavy to severe incontinence with reduced or no mobility. Waist size: 110 to 160 cm.

Incontinence pad absorbency

Product Details


The AMD Anov Slip All-In-One are created for those with heavy to severe incontinence with reduced or no mobility.

Consisting of a triple pad and ultra-wide absorption cushion it comfortably protects the skin and neutralises odour whilst avoiding leakage using the water-repellent faecal barriers.

Designed with adjustable Velcro straps for trouble-free application when seated or standing, incorporating anti-odour technology and PH balanced to be kind on skin.


The AMD Anov Slip All-In-One is available in a range of sizes and absorption options:

  • Small Super – 2300ml pack of 20
  • Medium Normal – 2250ml pack of 20
  • Medium Super – 3200ml pack of 20
  • Medium Maxi – 3600ml pack of 20
  • Large Normal – 2500ml pack of 20
  • Large Super – 3700ml pack of 20
  • Large Maxi – 4200ml pack of 20
  • Extra Large Super – 4100ml pack of 20


Key Features:

  • Waist size: 110 to 160 cm
  • Protection from heavy to severe incontinence
  • For people with reduced or no mobility
  • Efficient and complete protection
  • Ultra Absorbent core offers dryness and re-wet protection
  • Breathable side panels
  • Easy to use
  • Odour protection
  • PH balanced
  • Cotton feel
  • Disposable
  • Latex free


How to use:

  • Remove from packet and unfold
  • Place Slip under individual with attached straps towards the back
  • Unstick Velcro straps and pull side panels around individuals waist
  • Fasten straps to front of Slip so pad is secure
  • Replace regularly


*VAT has been removed.

*Tax exempt for domestic or personal use up to 200. If purchasing more than 200 pads a signed declaration or other evidence must be obtained, that confirms the products are purchased by an individual for domestic or personal use, and not by an institution such as a nursing home.

Additional information

Weight 3.00 kg
Incontinence pad absorbency

Normal, Super, Maxi

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