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One way to ensure that those in your care are comfortable is through the use of Rise & Recliners. These chairs are designed to help those you care for be able to sit comfortably but also to be able to get themselves up more easily independently.

The Rise & Recliner Chairs we stock at Change Mobility are available to view ion our Harrogate showroom, meaning that you can come and test out for yourself which the best option for you would be.

We stock Single Motor Rise Recliners, Dual Motor Rise Recliners & Triple Motor Rise Recliners.

Our range of Rise Recliners are suited to the home environment too, so if you are caring for someone in house, then you can help them have a comfortable and independent lifestyle in the peace of mind that they can get up freely without the need of someone to help them up.

Contact us at Change Mobility today about our Rise & Recliner Chairs and maybe even come and have a look at them for yourself.

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