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Change Mobility are dedicated to helping people to live a more independent lifestyle and as such we have a range of Living Aids designed to help get through day to day tasks that can become a struggle with the onset of old age. We like to make continued independence easy, and allow those who care for relatives peace of mind that they have means to do this.

Alongside this we have Disability Living Aids for those who have specific conditions in order to help promote independence and promote a feeling of self worth.

The Living Aids that we supply cover all areas of life, from making simple tasks easier such as opening a tin or bottle, to allowing people the chance to shower and dress themselves independently.

Whether you require Disability Living Aids or want to discuss our Living Aids range with a mobility expert who can help you find the right product for you, then contact us today and let us help you on 01423 500666 or visit our specialist mobility showroom in the heart of Harrogate.

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