Profiling Beds

Profile Care Beds

At Change Mobility, we have a range of profiling beds and profiling care beds that are ideal for use in the care and medical sectors as well as for looking after a loved one in their own home.

A profiling bed, is a specially designed bed to help people who are suffering with a range of conditions – both in terms of them being able to get up and about more easily, or allowing those giving care to provide a better experience to the patient.

Profile beds for care are designed to help carers to manoeuvre their patients in order to administer care to them – often in cases where the patient is bed ridden or has had a major procedure such as an operation. The versatility of our nursing care beds means that we should be your first port of call when it comes to profiling beds for care.

When c0mbined with our high quality range of Pressure Relief products, a profiling bed from Change Mobility is a high priority in order to ensure the best care for those you look after.

Contact us today on 01423 500666 for more information about how a profile bed or profiling care bed from Change Mobility can help you provide the best level of care. You can also come and see some of our range in person in our purpose built mobility showroom.

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