Faye Wardell
25th June 2021

Types of slide sheets

With many options and variations to choose from, selecting the correct slide sheet for an individual is essential.

We have composed a complete guide to understanding and choosing the right slide sheets for your needs.

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What is a slide sheet?

Quite simply, a Slide Sheet is a friction-reducing device enabling movement and/or repositioning of an individual up and down the bed as well as laterally between two surfaces (bed to bed, bed to trolley).

Typical Slide Sheet systems consist of 2 layers of low friction material that work together to reduce overall friction. As a patient is moved, one layer stays in contact with the patient whilst the other layer stays in contact with the supporting surface. This allows the material to slide against itself thus reducing friction and shear to the patient’s skin whilst simultaneously reducing the effort required from carers.

Fundamentally, Slide Sheets improve the care experience and health outcomes for individuals with reduced mobility.

Common features of Slide Sheets

Slide Sheets often feature a unique fabric that is ultra-low fiction. The commonly manufactured nylon varieties of Slide Sheets wick away moisture from the skin surface, helping to prevent discomfort and sweating. The fabric is designed with the function of use and the end consumer in mind.

Internal locking strips are also commonly included in some Slide Sheets to prevent slipping and improve patient safety. At Change Mobility a lot of our Slide Sheets also feature anti-slip panels, these are commonly found on the base of the sheet to prevent unwanted movement of the sheet.

Flat slide sheet with handles

Choosing the right Slide Sheet

There are different types of Slide Sheets, the most common are designed flat, tubular, or one way, however, they all perform the same.

Flat Slide Sheets are designed to be folded in half so the layers can slide over each other. They are also commonly used in pairs, with one sheet remaining stationery acting as a base layer. Using pairs of Slide Sheets is useful when moving bariatric patients.

Tubular Slide Sheets are designed to be used alone, creating the slide motion due to their tubular shape. Experienced carers and those who are confident in patient handling and moving tend to prefer this option.

One-way Slide Sheets are used most often for repositioning when only one direction of movement is required; for example, when users are seated the glide will only assist the user back up the chair, preventing them from sliding back down.

How we can help

At Change Mobility, we take pride in our wide product selection, we make it our priority to ensure we have the correct product for you. Our staff know our products. We work closely with our suppliers so they can advise you on what is suitable and has the right functionality for your needs.

We have been a leading supplier of mobility equipment for several years and count many well-known care homes and hospitals amongst our client networks. Our work ensures we have relationships with OT’s, knowledge of new product advancements and can react as quickly as you need us to.

Speak to us today to ensure you get the right slide sheet to keep your patients safe.

We know no two clients’ needs are ever quite the same, which is why we offer a bespoke service designed to suit your specific requirements. We can also supply mobility scooters, incontinence care products, wheelchairs, rise and recliners, mobility and hearing aids, pressure relief solutions and much more.

Getting in touch

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