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7th January 2021

Winter Servicing – Taking care of your equipment means your equipment takes care of you

Your mobility is enhanced through the use of your equipment. Modern mobility solutions have made it much easier for people to get out and about, but it can be easy to underestimate the importance of servicing.

This equipment is incredibly important for aiding your mobility, but when functionality is compromised, it can become much harder for you to move around and obtain the desired comfort levels. Regular servicing not only prolongs equipment lifespan but can also ensure the reliability and safety of your devices.

What kind of mobility equipment needs to be serviced?

In essence, any equipment you or a family member use or rely on to aid your day to day movements. 

Mobility equipment that requires regular servicing includes:

  • Scooters
  • Wheelchairs
  • Hoists
  • Beds

Replacing these items can be expensive and time-consuming. We recommend it’s practical to get as much value out of your aids as possible before they reach the end of their useful lives. Sometimes what you may think may be a big fix can turn out to purely be a replacement part or a turn of a screw, going to an expert ensures you get the right advice

Most manufacturers draw up their guarantee agreements with the stipulation of regular servicing. When purchasing new equipment ensure you check and enquire regarding servicing for ultimate peace of mind.

It’s also worth noting that routine battery checks may also be carried out to ensure you don’t run out of power unexpectedly.

Scooters Servicing

Mobility scooters are mechanical therefore you may experience faults through their lifetime, even if looked after.

During a scooter service, maintenance professionals will methodically assess the brakes, battery, motor, wheels, tyres, steering, and electrics to ensure everything is working properly.

The tyres on your vehicle will require additional maintenance due to wear and tear occurred on external surfaces. As an industry standard, pneumatic tyres should be visually checked every month by yourself. If they are not inflated fully the chance of accidents occurring increases substantially.

When storing your scooter, we recommend it should be kept in a dry area to prevent rusting internally and externally. You should ensure the main control panel is free from moisture to keep it working and reading properly.

Wheelchairs Servicing

Scheduled care will ensure your wheelchair is kept in good working condition to meet or even exceeds its expected lifespan. Professional servicing can prevent wheelchairs from breaking down unexpectedly and can maintain your comfort whilst helping you avoid accidents. It’s recommended to have your wheelchair serviced at least once a year.

During wheelchair servicing, various parts including footrests, seat belt, tyres, casters, wheels, hand grips, frame, handrails, wheel locks, and seat rail guides will be checked thoroughly. If yours is an electric model, the wiring will also be checked.

For regular at home maintenance, we endorse wiping the wheelchair down after each trip outside to prevent the bolts and screws from rusting and checking the tyres for punctures or deep scuffs.

Hoist Servicing

Having a hoist is advantageous for those who require care, the equipment itself is paramount to having increased mobility throughout the day.

Hoists need to be visually and physically checked regularly to make sure they’re operating to the highest potential. Hoist inspections are designed to ensure safe operation to support your partial or full weight at any given time.

A hoist service is required by law every six months – a process commonly known as LOLER. A qualified maintenance professional will routinely look at components such as wall fixings, joints, cables, handles, and brakes, dependent on what kind of hoist they are examining.

Checks should be undertaken after initial installation and then at least once every 6 months. Due to the nature of the regulations, hoists may also need to be checked after an accident, if moved or when the warranty or guarantee requires it.

Certification is produced upon passing the servicing and should be safely stored in compliance with regulations.

Bed Servicing

Undiagnosed faults with an adjustable bed or mobility bed can cause it to stop working properly, leaving you with a restless night’s sleep. Mobility bed servicing and maintenance safeguards issues identified before they worsen so that you can continue using your bed for its full life comfortably.

Common problems with mobility beds can include failure to recline, becoming stuck, wire failure and strange noises. Sometimes we also find mobility beds may stop working because the motor needs to be replaced – this is an issue that Change Mobility can help you with.

The importance of battery checks

Quite simply, our battery checks ensure your battery is working properly so that your equipment functions properly. Batteries need to be charged regularly so their efficiency can be maintained, and your equipment is reliable.

A common indication a battery need replacing is when it is fully charged but loses power quickly. Bear in mind, the amount of power your battery loses may also be determined by how much weight is carried, the usage of the device and additionally how old the battery is.

We recommend giving your battery a full charge before you use aids for the first time and after each use. It’s best to charge your battery for extended periods of time rather than a few minutes here and there.

If you don’t use your battery for a considerable length of time, you should still charge it once a fortnight, this will keep it in good condition.

Fix faults in time for winter

Getting your mobility equipment checked in time for winter is very important. At this time of year, conditions can be quite dangerous due to darkness and adverse weather such as rain, ice and snow therefore it is vital that your scooter or wheelchair is in full working order.

Accidents become more likely during the winter because pathways and surfaces tend to be wetter and frostier. It is essential that your tyres and brakes are working properly to assure safe usage and mobility.

Servicing will ensure your equipment is at the peak of its reliance and efficiency during the winter months.

Why choose Change Mobility for servicing?

At Change Mobility, our priority is to look after you by looking after your equipment.

Our engineers have vast experience in working with life-saving equipment daily, they are fully qualified, LOLER certified, and CRB-checked. All the servicing work we carry out meets industry standards as we are accredited with ISO 9001.

Over the years we’ve become one of the UK’s most trusted healthcare and care home equipment maintenance providers. Our exceptional product knowledge spans all major brands enabling us to stock a thorough range of spares for leading mobility products – we have robust relationships with some of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry.

Our dedicated service support team are always on hand to help you if you need any advice or assistance.

Contact us for full peace of mind.

To find out more about the various mobility maintenance services we offer, get in touch today.

You can reach us by calling 01423 500666 or by sending a message to [email protected]. Our team are ready and waiting to discuss your requirements with you.

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