Andy Roberts
10th June 2020

How to Maintain a Rise Recliner Chair

Rise recliner chairs are becoming increasingly vital for those who have trouble getting in and out of conventional chairs or sofas. Many people simply want a functional chair that can aid comfort and health in their living room, usually lean towards rise recliners.

Rise and recline chairs are available in a variety of sizes and styles which bring invaluable comfort to any living room. They provide the ability to sit back and relax to relieve stress on the body and the mind, reduce back and shoulder pain, improve circulation and soothe aching joints. The rise recliner chair is a great addition to any household as it can support nursing mothers, the elderly, the injured and those who are fatigued or recuperating after surgery.

Rise recliner chairs can also assist in maintaining or improving the general health and, quality of life of its users. They are effective seating solutions for adults with health conditions such as limited mobility, low back pain, increased risk of falls, dementia and other health problems.

While the rise recliner chair can be a worthwhile addition to the home, it can become a hazard if it is not properly maintained or used. Here, we explain what you should do to clean, look after, service and generally maintain a rise recliner chair.

How to Clean a Rise Recliner Chair

Rise recliner chairs are valuable pieces of furniture in our homes. They provide comfort and so we use them a lot so it is not surprising for them to become dirty and bear a few stains – the hours spent lounging in the recline chairs will leave their mark. To avoid stains, embedded dirt, blemishes and unpleasant odors, you need to clean your recliner.

Protecting the fabric of your rise recliner chair

Maintaining your rise recline chair starts when you first bring the chair home because the prevention of wear and tear often better than the cure. You can reduce the amount of damage your rise recline chair would sustain by following these few tips.

  • It is advised that spraying the material with a protective spray, will repel liquids and reduce the risk of staining if you spill your coffee across it.
  • It is also a great idea place a light throw over the arms and across the top of the back of the chair to prevent hair and skin oils from damaging the upholstery, or ensure the arm rest covers are in place, this will aid the life of the product.
  • It is best to avoid covering the whole chair with a large throw, as it could get caught in the mechanism when it is moving from sitting to standing and back down.
  • You should also bear in mind that rise recline chairs placed near windows are likely to fade, especially if they get a lot of direct sunlight. If you keep your chair out of direct sunlight you will prevent this occurring as fast.

Cleaning the covers of a rise recliner chair

What your chair is made of will determine how you should clean it. There is the option of hiring a cleaning service if you prefer to do that, but if you would like to clean it yourself, here are some hints:

  1. Ensure you follow the manufacturers guidance to ensure to not invalidate the warranty.
  2. When cleaning leather, it is important to steer clear from water as it can stain the material. Steam cleaning is a very effective method in cleaning your leather chairs without damaging them.
  3. Cleaning general upholstery fabrics is usually easier. First it best, to vacuum your chair with a soft brush attachment, then use a durable microfiber cloth or baby wipes to do a swift spot clean. To wipe the chair clean, use soapy water and a fabric cleaner or a clean rag. If there’s any excess water, allow the chair to air dry because hair dryers can cause over-heating or damage.
  4. Saddle soaps and or white vinegar can be used to clean all sorts of upholstery. However, you need to take care to not overuse it as it can ruin the upholstery if it is used in overly large quantities.
  5. Rise recliner chairs may absorb surrounding smells if the chair is in a room where a lot of cooking occurs or if the person who sits in the chair is a smoker. To get rid of these smells, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda on the fabric, let it sit for about 20 minutes and then vacuum it up.

Many rise recliner chairs come with removable seats or cushion covers which makes them much easier to wash. Some might also come with cleaning products packages, which provides you with all the products you’ll need to clean your chair. Either way you don’t have to search too far to figure out how to maintain a rise recliner chair.

How to maintain the electrical aspects of your rise recliner chair

Best to not fiddle with electrics if you don’t have sufficient knowledge or expertise You should always seek help if your rise recliner chair is acting up. The Change Mobility shop can help by sending out an engineer or our mobility adviser can assist you, call 01423 500666.

But you can take these measures to prevent malfunctioning of any kind.

  • You should always, when possible, ensure you plug the rise recliner chair directly into the mains and not an extension. This is to prevent the risk of overloading extension sockets with too many electrical items.
  • Make sure to not put anything underneath your rise recliner chair to prevent objects getting trapped underneath. Although some chairs come with anti-trap mechanism to prevent this, caution should still be exercised.
  • Always check the power cables regularly for any signs of damage or wear and tear before use. Do not put the cables anywhere near sources of water or dampness or excessive heat. Leaving your rise recliner chairs outside is highly advised against.
  •  After a period of time, it is advisable to lightly lubricate the recline and lifting mechanism with a general-purpose lubrication oil, such as ‘3 in 1’. This will eliminate any slight creaking noise, which may develop as the joints within the mechanism ‘dry out’.
  • Always unplug your chair when not in use and you should also ensure that the rise recliner chair is restored to the seated position when it is not in use.
  • Having your chair serviced at regular intervals, is a good measure to take to ensure the rise and recliner is kept in good working order. Usually, the shop where you purchased can assist with this.

Other useful tips and safety precautions you should follow

Appropriate and safe operation of your rise recline chair answers the question of how to maintain a rise recline chair and it not only prevents injury but adds to the longevity of the chair. Here are some precautions and helpful tips:

  1. Do not sit on the footrest.
  2. Children should not be allowed to operate the chair by themselves except in special cases.
  3. Do not attempt to move the handset from one side of the chair to the other.
  4. Always make sure all wiring is free and not trapped in any way.
  5. Only move your chair when it is in an upright position.
  6. If your floor is uneven, make sure you adjust the feet of your chair so that it sits level. You should always make your rise recline chair is level and that there are no objects under the chair before getting into it.
  7. It is inadvisable to put anything on your external transformer.
  8. Do not lean on or use excessive downward pressure to the chairs back when it is fully reclined.
  9. Always ensure that the remote control is out of the way before making use of the chair.
  10. We recommend that you get your chair checked over by a qualified engineer at least once a year.

We hope that you have gleaned all of the information you need on how to maintain a rise recliner chair. If you would  like more information, contact our specialist adviser, Natalie at change mobility. If you are interested in getting one of these lovely rise and recline chairs for your home, we also have plenty for you to browse HERE. Get in touch and we’ll help you find what you are looking for and make some suitable suggestions. Thanks for reading our blog and please check back at our posts soon.  

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