Upasana Sonigra
13th February 2020

Can you overcharge a mobility scooter battery?

When our customers purchase a mobility scooter we are often asked about how often and length of time they should be charged.

The majority of mobility scooters have two 12-volt rechargeable batteries that come in varying sizes, dependent on the size and capability of the scooter. Most batteries have a longevity of around two to three years, some may last longer, but after such time they will require replacing.

Change Mobility can get you a quote for replacement batteries if at such a time you require them, to fit a numerous selection of manufacturer brands.

Typically using a scooter for an hour a day, would require the batteries to be charged daily.

It is best to follow the manufacturers lead on there recommended charging times but usually this would be for eight to ten hours. Charging overnight would be the most sensible option and using a mains electricity power point. You can either charge the batteries while on board the scooter or detach them and charge separately.

Opinion varies on whether it’s possible to overcharge scooter batteries and it is dependent on the type of battery being charged. We would recommend not to charge for more than 12 hours, as potentially this could overcharge and might damage the battery. Additionally, if the scooter has over 80% charge wait to recharge following further use.

If you do not use your mobility scooter regularly, it is advisable to look at charging it at least once a month. To ensure the battery doesn’t decay in inclement weather, every two or three weeks would be recommended.

Change Mobility undertake a review of your batteries, when we do maintenance and servicing. If you are unsure and would like further advice, give our mobility advisers a call on 01423 500666 or email us on [email protected]

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