Upasana Sonigra
28th January 2020

How should I store and maintain my mobility scooter?

Another question we are often asked at Change Mobility, when customers are purchasing a mobility scooter for the first time, is how should a mobility scooter be stored and does it need maintenance.

It is advisable to learn some key aspects to owning a mobility scooter before you purchase, which include:

  • How and where to store your mobility scooter, ensuring protection from the weather and theft
  • Servicing your scooter and buying spare parts for maintenance
  • Charging and maintaining the batteries
  • Replacing batteries

To ensure the longevity of your scooter, all the above aspects are essential for keeping your mobility scooter in safe working order.

Mobility scooter storage

Ensuring your mobility scooter is kept in the right environment and doing maintenance checks frequently, you will ensure the smooth running and increase its longevity.

We would advise that a dry, clean and secure space, with mains electricity so you can charge it while not in use. A garage or large porch would be an ideal storage location. It might be possible to keep a small scooter in your home, but you must ensure that access is safe.

Similar to any road vehicle it is ideal to ensure the scooter is kept clean and that any parts are not obstructed by dirt building up. Additionally, ensuring the scooter is kept dry will prevent corrosion occuring.

However, if you are unable to store inside there are options to purchase waterproof storage covers and tiller covers when in use, which Change Mobility do stock. Alternatively, take a look at our scooter garage or cover.

Servicing and maintenance of your mobility scooter

We would advise that your Mobility Scooter is serviced at least on a yearly basis. Depending on whether you have decided to take out insurance, this can also be a requirement of the provider.

A typical service would include the checking of worn brakes and tyres, checking batteries and ensuring all parts are working correctly. Change Mobility are happy to undertake home visits to undertake service repairs or it can be collect or delivered to our shop for repair either while you wait or do your shopping in town.

Spare parts for mobility scooters

If you require spare parts for your mobility scooter or accessories, Change Mobility can order these for you direct from the various manufacturers. You may well wish to fit these yourself or we can do that for you for a minimal charge.

Other parts such as tyres should also be regularly checked for wear and replaced if necessary.

For more information about how we can help you with maintaining and repairing your mobility scooter get in touch with us today [email protected] or ring 01423 500666.

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