Upasana Sonigra
13th December 2019

Sophie ProBed®: A Profiling Bed Revelation for Customers

The idea of ageing and requiring more support to simply get out of bed can be very daunting, but profiling beds can provide an ideal solution. They are designed to increase autonomy and provide the user with greater support than a standard bed.

Our rotating profiling bed is designed to aid users in moving from a horizontal position, to seated, and standing with ease. The bed itself is made of separate components that work in tandem to aid the user comfortably and smoothly. There is a chair unit that is separate from the main body of the bed, which allows it to rotate and tilt to help transfer from standing to sitting/lying and vice-versa.

Benefits of a Rotating Profiling Bed

When thinking about a rotating profiling bed, the benefits of a standard one should also be considered. A profiling bed can greatly aid both the user and the carer.

The bed has an electric wired remote attached to the bed, which enables the user or carer to manually find a position that is comfortable. This reduces pressure on the body and alleviates everyday aches and pains as well as reduces the likelihood of pressure sores, which are infamously unpleasant for those in care.

A profiling bed also allows care staff to adjust the bed to the required height to allow for nursing the patient whilst in the bed, leaving patients feeling less as though they’re being man-handled. The patient benefits from being more comfortable and reduces the risk of complications with treatment.

The rotation allows further autonomy, as the Sophie ProBed® rotates to assist the user in standing, where a standard profiling bed would not. This gives the user greater freedom in doing things as and when they decide, as they are in control. It helps to alleviate pressure on joints when going from standing to sitting by supporting the user gently as their position changes.

Rotating profiling beds are able to provide greater support in terms of independent living. They are worth it for individuals who would like to have more control over their lives, and how they live. A rotating profiling bed will fit in place of many standard profiling beds, with clearance needed for the chair platform, making them adaptable for many environments in the private and care setting.

Sophie ProBed – A Turn on Safety

A rotating profiling bed also provides a sense of safety for the user. Alleviating the strain on their body when standing will provide great comfort and will help to build confidence in being able to control their own actions, making them feel safe within their own lives.

As with many standard profiling beds, the rotating profile bed also comes with side rails to reduce the risk of falls. As well as the arms of the chair section of the bed, these rails can be adjusted to the needed height.

Positive Addition to any Home

A rotating profiling bed can provide ample benefits to the user, but it can be hard to know whether the bed itself is right for you. Our national trainer, Vicki Crombleholme, will also be able to visit your home/care home to make sure that you get the right bed for your needs, and can assist with any training that staff may require.

If you’d like to find out whether a rotating profiling bed is right for you, visit Sophie ProBed or call the us on 01423 873666 for more information.

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