Cabin Car Mobility Scooter 8 Mph

An independent alternative way to travel, the cabin car mobility scooter has a top speed of 8mph and 22 mile range. The fully enclosed design and integrated heating system allows it to be suitable for all weather conditions. A built in reversing camera and distance sensitive sensors ensures safe and easy parking. Features such as USB ports, a large cup holder, floor mats and a fully adjustable seat are provided for the user’s convenience.

£7,950.00 ex.VAT £9,540.00 inc.VAT



  • Fully responsive braking system
  • Strong suspension for a smooth drive
  • Exterior charging port and double USB ports for mobile charging
  • Digital dashboard to monitor data such as speed and distance
  • Driver’s seat is fully supportive and adjustable for comfort
  • High visibility wing mirrors for full view surroundings
  • Dual windscreen wipers
  • Trendy 9” alloy wheels
  • Remote central locking for added security


Max User Weight 28 stone
Ground Clearance 5.25”/ 133.35mm
Maximum Speed (mph) 8
Range (miles) 22
Battery Dual 12-volt deep cycle 75Ah & 100Ah Options
Battery Charger 8amp off-board charger
Seat Back Height 28.75”/730mm
Seat Width 19”/482mm
Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 142.2 × 69.2 × 143.5 cm